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Author of "Yoga and the Twelve Step Path" and "Life in Bite Sized Morsels".  "Yogic Tools For Recovery, A Guide To working the Steps": the workbook for which will be coming out May 15, 2018.
I have been a yoga teacher for several years. My primary focus is on classes designed for people recovering from addictions. I take my classes to recovery homes, halfway houses, detention centers, and jails. I also lead Y12SR groups in the south SF Bay Area, CA. I am a certified Yoga of Recovery Counselor. I have designed a certification course for yoga teachers titled S.O.A.R. - Success Over Addictions and Relapse which I teach in person and ONLINE.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finding contentment today

Being enough, having enough, living in gratitude for what is and for who I am; what a blissful feeling. Unfortunately I can loose this feeling so often. It slips through my fingers in a trice. I can begin the day with contentment, living in the moment and finding the abundance, the sufficiency in the NOW, then, like a breeze from nowhere dissatisfaction arises. When speaking with someone I hear a tone of voice, I see an expression and (because my ego mind is so strong and self absorbed) I react. I react to a perceived response to ME (because it is all about me). I find that belly gripping, shortness of breath, the constriction of the heart and chest and ...
STOP this foolishness and
release the shoulders
soften the face
bring the breath into the belly
take inventory - physical and emotional
Am I ok physically? Yes - relax
Am I ok emotionally - why not?
What is the source of discomfort - illusion? grasping? avoidance? Find out what is going on and attend to it. Self soothe - make a list of doing doing and get it out of the head, let go of holding and expectation, ask for help if needed and then notice that I am OK.
What happens when I pull gratitude back into my heart? Ease.
I am complete in the moment
And after the frantic searching and a dance with dis-ease I am, once again, content.

Kyczy Hawk E-RYT200, RTY500 is the author of "Yoga and the Twelve Step Path", a leader of Y12SR classes, and the creator of SOAR(tm) (Success Over Addiction and Relapse) a teacher certification training. 
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