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Author of "Yoga and the Twelve Step Path" and "Life in Bite Sized Morsels".  "Yogic Tools For Recovery, A Guide To working the Steps": the workbook for which will be coming out May 15, 2018.
I have been a yoga teacher for several years. My primary focus is on classes designed for people recovering from addictions. I take my classes to recovery homes, halfway houses, detention centers, and jails. I also lead Y12SR groups in the south SF Bay Area, CA. I am a certified Yoga of Recovery Counselor. I have designed a certification course for yoga teachers titled S.O.A.R. - Success Over Addictions and Relapse which I teach in person and ONLINE.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Cold and Taking Things as They Are

I have been madly preparing for an art show and sale that takes place on the 18th of June. With pottery you have to get all revved up weeks before the event so that the 3 to 6 week process from bringing pieces from the clay bag to the table can be completed. This is planning and living in the future. That vibrant activity has come to a close. I have also been writing a book (yes! A REAL book.) The process of writing and re-writing, re-reading and re-assessing is now on hold. The book is now off my desk and in the hands of the editor who has been giving me kind encouragement and wise feedback.
What does this have to do with my cold? I have cleared my desk and my potters wheel of projects - I have only a few things to do before the sale, and I cannot do them I am so exhausted! I don't' have a "next step" to do on the book - it is out of my hands for a while. I can't take the yoga classes I finally have time for; in fact I have had to cancel some classes I teach. I have to take the advice I so freely give others; to take care of one's self (yes, I mean that, the self that is in the care taking of one). So I am in a chair, not DOING anything, (except now, writing this to clear my head). I am struggling with pranayama due to my congestion and taking meditation as I can find it.
Yes, taking things as they are, not being too disappointed at the change from expectations concerning my "free" time. Perhaps this is just what I should be doing. Resting and contemplating; and coming in touch again with my activity oriented sense of self. I am still my Self - at rest and taking care. Will I listen? I am trying!