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Author of "Yoga and the Twelve Step Path" and "Life in Bite Sized Morsels".  "Yogic Tools For Recovery, A Guide To working the Steps": the workbook for which will be coming out May 15, 2018.
I have been a yoga teacher for several years. My primary focus is on classes designed for people recovering from addictions. I take my classes to recovery homes, halfway houses, detention centers, and jails. I also lead Y12SR groups in the south SF Bay Area, CA. I am a certified Yoga of Recovery Counselor. I have designed a certification course for yoga teachers titled S.O.A.R. - Success Over Addictions and Relapse which I teach in person and ONLINE.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yogasync TV - a new online offering

I have just subscribed to an online resource called YogaSync. I have been following Al and Greg's yoga classes online for several years. They are from New Zealand and with their delicious accents have been offering offering online videos for detailed yoga sequencing through Yoga Online at Yoga.org.nz. You can go to that website and download an hour long class. For Free! (until the end of May) Or you can view it on You Tube. They have now launched a new and fabulous product called YogaSynch TV. This online tool allows the user to select already created sequences at any level, for a huge number of specific target areas or challenge poses. From the image above you can see that they give a comprehensive view of the pose. You should check out the website for all the wonderful features. One can also go into their library of poses and create one's own sequence. It is very easy to do picking from the pose library, the level of effort,flexibility, and challenge that is best for you. You can then name and save it for re-use. It is fun to plan and time classes with this tool as well. As one of the founding members I was also able to contact Sarsha, one of the wonderful teachers featured in the videos, to get my own personal sequence developed and I have been loving it. They have numerous pose, meditation, and relaxation videos on you tube. Do a search for one and give them a try. Al also has some great nutritional advice and recipes to feed the inner yogi. Give it a try and tell them "Kyczy sent me"!